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As a child, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. With it comes the excitement of deciding who or what you wanted to dress as, what part of your identity you wanted to express, or who you wanted to become – if only for a day. I also remember my parents joy as they helped my younger brother and I craft our perfect customes.

Each year, we made the rounds visiting grandparents, family, friends and trick-or-treating in our familiar neighborhood.

SONY DSCAnd each year, my parents stood at a comfortable distance as my brother and I knocked on a few unfamiliar doors and filled our bags with candy from strangers (some of them hiding behind masks of their own). Back then, I vaguely understood why my parents carefully inspected each lollipop that came from someone we didn’t know. From someone we didn’t yet trust.

Now as a parent myself, I understand that desire to watch your children flourish and explore the world on their own terms yet observe from a comfortable distance – so that you’re there “just in case…”

It’s for this reason, that Amy and I started SociallyActive. And, its for this reason that we remain committed to parents across the world to provide the best tools and resources possible to allow their kids to explore social networks on their terms, while still remaining at a safe distance.

Since our initial launch last September, the nature of social media has changed dramatically. As a result, parenting is in a rapid state of transition.

Our team has spent the last six months talking to privacy experts, social media gurus, and most importantly – we’ve been listening to parents like you. What we’ve learned is that parents want to trust their kids online and give them the freedom to explore, and to express themselves through healthy social networking.

But parents also want to protect their children from the dangers that may be lurking behind unfamiliar doors.

Today we are excited to pre-announce to our loyal customers and fellow parents, a completely new SociallyActive. We believe its truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

recentThe first thing you’ll notice is a completely new design. We’ve added the ability to monitor both Twitter and Instagram, along with a more robust set of privacy alerts. You even have the option to view your child’s Instagram feed so that you can see what they see online (if you’ve taken our Instagram challenge then you’ll definitely appreciate this feature).

What we’re releasing today is truly a product for parents, by parents.

In addition to the new product, we have also rolled-out a brand new website that we feel better communicates our mission and values. Plus, we think its much cleaner and represents the experience that the SociallyActive product provides.

Today we have set a new standard in social-privacy monitoring, for that we are grateful to each of you for your help and support along the way.

But, don’t just take our word for it- give the new SociallyActive a try for yourself. Take it for a free test-drive for 7 days and let us know what you think. We’re here and listening…

A sincere thank you from Chris, Amy and the entire SociallyActive team.


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Chris Crosby
Chris is the cofounder and Managing Director of SociallyActive. He is also the CEO of Inflection Point Global. Check out his personal blog at where he writes about startups, leadership and negotiation.
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