Why be SociallyActive?

The benefits of monitoring your child online...

Three Social Networks, one simple view

Great news, you no longer have to be familiar with each social network that your child is on to see their online activities.

SociallyActive gives you a single view of your child’s social network activity across each of the major social networks. This can save you hours a week and bring you the peace of mind that you’re not missing anything. Out of sight need not be out of mind.

Never miss an important event with SociallyActive’s email alerting feature. You can choose whether to receive daily or weekly notifications when your child uploads photos or is tagged on Facebook.

Privacy Monitoring for Instagram

Instagram is the newest mega-social network that every parent needs to be aware of.

Instagram is a photo editing and sharing ‘app’ that allows users to edit photos taken on their phone and post them to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button.

Instagram photos are open to the public by default and Instagram lets users browse public photos posted by others and by people whom they follow.

While many photos are quite innocent Internet crime authorities are reporting increases in the number of online predators leaving lewd or sexually suggestive comments on tween and teen photos. To make matters worse, online predators leaving lewd comments isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

How many pictures is your teen posting on Instagram everyday and what are they depicting?

With over 100 million users worldwide, Instagram has become extremely popular with teens – especially young girls. Unfortunately, this popularity has also attracted scores of sexual predators and cyber bullies who use “likes” and “comments” to groom or threaten children.

As a parent, its critical to be aware of your child is posting online and what people are saying about it.

See all the pictures your child is posting

SociallyActive brings together the photos your child posts to Intagram, Facebook and Twitter into one feed for you. Now you no longer have to spend time tracking down what your teen is posting where. With SociallyActive, you have it all in one place.

We also show you…

Who’s “likes” your teen’s photos and what are they saying in the comments?

Posting inappropriate pictures to Instagram is only part of the danger. In fact, your teen may be innocently participating in Instagram and still become the victim of a vicious attack.

The comments section has quickly become lewd and rude.


One of the more alarming trends on Instagram is that teens often treat it like a popularity contest. Unlike Facebook where a teen must accept a friend request, most teens use the public feature, which makes his or her photos available to the entire Internet.

The goal here is often to get as many likes and followers as they can. This can lead to posting more exposing or risqué pictures, as well as following complete strangers in the hopes that they will follow the teen back.

When this happens, the photo stream that your teen sees when they login to Instagram gets filled with photos from complete strangers. Many or these photos are illicit and inappropriate for teen viewing. Although Instagram tries to prevent pornography on the social network, it still happens – resulting in photos of mostly naked people and drugs.

See what your teen sees

SociallyActive is the only social monitoring tool that actually lets you see the same thing your teen sees in their photo stream.

When one of the people they are following posts an inappropriate photo or comment, you can help them to remove inappropriate people.

SociallyActive allows you to make social networking a safer and better experience for your child.

Kids are now flocking to

A recent x poll revealed that more and more teens are migrating from Facebook to Twitter. Without SociallyActive this is just one more social network parents need to monitor, and one more place that your teen could become the victim of sexual predators or cyber bullying.

In many ways, Twitter is a much more complex environment for teens to navigate than Facebook. It’s like giving your child a platform to communicate with 550 million strangers, and also a place where those strangers may now communicate directly with your child.

How SociallyActive can help you

When your teen posts a public tweet it goes out for the entire world to see.

Additionally, if your child tags (using a hashtag) their post then it will automatically show up for anyone who is following tweets for that particular tag.

Know when someone is mentioning your child

Just like on Facebook and Instagram, anyone can mention your teen publicly on Twitter. This means that your child can quickly become the target of cyber bullying or unsolicited comments.

SociallyActive shows the tweet and the profile information of who is mentioning your child so that you can take the action you deem appropriate in the situation.

Easy to understand Facebook monitoring in one place

Facebook is often a child’s first venture into the wide world of social networking. Whether your child is just coming online or has been on Facebook for years, SociallyActive will help you provide the support and guidance they need to make responsible choices online and allow you as their parent to keep them out of harm’s way.

SociallyActive monitors your child’s status updates, photos they upload, comments they make on their friends’ statuses and walls, as well as photos that they are tagged in. We make it easy to see all of this activity in one, easy to use dashboard.