Who is watching your child online?

Discover the easiest way to make sure it’s you!

Birds of a feather flock together…


of all teens are now online

...but what are they doing?


of all teens are now on Facebook

Who are they hanging-out with?


young adults spend almost 17 hours a week online

(in 2010 only 45% said the same!)

How do you feel about parenting in the dark?


spend by young adults per week online average

Are they skipping sleep or important school work just to hang-out with friends?

Teenagers naturally gather on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media allows teens to connect with their friends and peers, and to experience relatively unsupervised discussions. Being flirtatious, exploring teenage humor and hanging-out as teenagers comes more easily to young adults without worrying about parents watching over them...

But as a parent, where does that leave you?

Parenting can prove challenging enough without worrying about your teenager being let loose on the Internet. Who are they befriending online? What photographs or videos do they appear in on the Internet? Are they being bullied or picked-on? How much care can you show your teenager without it coming across as “controlling”?

Did you know that the average teen has over 200 friends on Facebook? As a parent, it can be nearly impossible to know each of them, to know which friends are most important to your child and to understand who are the ones to steer clear of. Which of these friends are positive role models for your child? Some of these friends may be uploading pictures of your child or “tagging” your child in those pictures without their consent.

All it takes is one “friend” or one “ex”-friend to post those not-so-flattering pictures of your teen online.

Not checking up… Just checking in

We need to give kids the freedom to explore and experience things online that might actually help them…What scares me is that we don’t want to look at the things that make us uncomfortable. So rather than see what teenagers are showing us online about bullying and suicide and the problems they’re dealing with and using that information to help them, we’re making ourselves blind to it.

Dr. Danah Boyd, New York Times

There are some things that you simply cannot see just by becoming your teen’s Friend on Facebook, and you cannot monitor what you can’t see. But that doesn’t let you off the hook as a parent. How can you check-in without feeling that you are checking-up or being overly paranoid about your child?

Parents: Empower yourself

As parents, we believe in celebrating every child. The adventurous. The creative. The spirited. The spontaneous. The independent. We believe children should be allowed to express their individuality through their interactions – both offline and on social network sites - in a way that builds confidence and allows them to shine.

We believe in moms, dads and caregivers who feed the curiosity. Grow the imagination. Encourage the adventure. Nurture the spirit, are present and value open communication.

We believe in keeping kids safe online in a way that respects their privacy, and keeps their reputation and their family’s character intact. We make this seamless and easy because we know as parents we have a lot going on and sometimes need a little help from our fellow parents.

Discover SociallyActive

Discover SociallyActive

We started SociallyActive to help parents keep track of their child’s online activities.
We allow you to monitor your children on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a way that simply friending them does not allow.

SociallyActive is like mission control for parents. We bring your child’s entire digital presence into clear view for you and provide you with useful tools to help you need to help you help your teen navigate and steer clear of potential dangers online.

No software to install

Even if your child is not posting online they are being exposed to the activities and pictures of all their friends. We let you see all that as well.

What does SociallyActive do?

Simplifies the monitoring of your teen’s social network activities.

By connecting directly to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we eliminate the guesswork in digital parenting. You will know that what your teen is posting is safe, and be able to see when other people in your child’s network are infringing on their privacy.

How much do you know about your child’s online life? Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Who is tagging your child on Facebook, or mentioning them on Instagram and Twitter?
  • Who is following your child on Twitter and Instagram?
  • Who is your teen following on Twitter and Instagram?
  • Who is your child friends with online?
  • Can you see comments and profile pictures of the other people in photos with your child?
  • Who is your teen interacting with the most on each network?

As a SociallyActive parent you can immediately answer all these questions…and many more.

Here are some of the things that
SociallyActive does for you:

  • See your child’s most recent activities online

    We know that it’s tough to see everything your child is posting online. After all, they have so much to say! Between their status updates, photos they’re mentioned in, comments they leave on their friends’ posts and groups that they post to – it’s near impossible to keep track of everything. Until now. SociallyActive brings all this together for you automatically and makes it easy to keep your finger on your child’s digital pulse.

  • See who your child was with

    Displays the profile pictures of people your teen was with in a photo. Quickly spot people you don’t know and click to see details about the interaction. You get a snapshot of what the online relationship looks like.

  • Get to know your child’s friends

    With an average 200-plus friends on Facebook, it can be near impossible to know each of your teen’s friends online. SociallyActive keeps track of this for you and displays the profile pictures of people your teen was with in a photo. You can quickly spot people you don’t know and click to see details about the interaction. Best of all, you get a snapshot of what their online relationship looks like.

  • Learn what’s popular with your teen

    Children are swayed and influenced by their peers. By showing you what is popular in your child’s online network and showing you what your child’s friends were talking about on Facebook last night we give control back to you and give you critical insight into the people and stories that your child is being exposed to. At a glance you will be able to see the most popular friends in their network and what stories are trending that your child is involved in. You regain control and may then decide what’s best for your child.

  • Wall Posts and Mentions

    See who mentions your child or posts on their Wall.

Teenagers absolutely care about privacy…like adults, they share things to feel loved, connected and supported. Teenagers are not some alien population. When we see new technologies, we think they make everything different for young people. But they really don’t. Teenagers are the same as they always were.”

Dr. Danah Boyd, New York Times

Do you remember being a teenager?

It may seem that – almost overnight - teenagers feel that they’re ready for almost complete freedom in life. Many see parental involvement as controlling, insensitive or lacking in understanding, and it can often seem that you are treading a very fine line between caring for your children and making them feel “controlled”.

As a parent it is natural to be concerned for your children and to want the best for them, but it can be difficult because teenagers may not be forthcoming about what they are doing, who they are making friends with or what their interests are outside the home.

Wanting more freedom comes naturally to teens. Making sure children are safe comes naturally to parents.

What do experts say?

We need to keep the communication channels as wide-open as possible so that teens will seek external guidance they need help calibrating.

Annie Fox, teen and parent adviser

Expert resources and tips

SociallyActive has partnered with Internet safety experts to bring to you exclusive resources to help you keep your teen safe online. As a SociallyActive parent you immediately gain receive access to our eBooks, webinars and tips on subjects like:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Understanding the online trends that influence your children
  • Managing Facebook privacy settings

How it works?

SociallyActive is an online safety assurance service that connects directly to services like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to allow parents to protect the reputation, privacy, and safety of your children.

We provide you with comprehensive online reports about your child’s social networking activity by surveying, analyzing and reporting to you with information you cannot otherwise see in your child’s social networking profiles.

SociallyActive continuously monitors Facebook and other social media services for information about your child, including: who’s tagging them in photos, which of their friends they’re interacting with the most, the comments and posts they make to their friends walls, as well as which friends in their network are most influential online.


How do you get my teen’s information?

SociallyActive connects directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and extracts all of their activity. Unlike some software that is installed on your home or child’s computer, SociallyActive can monitor all of your teen’s activity, even if it takes place on their smartphone.

SociallyActive connects to each social network with your child’s login information and either you or your teen grant our application permission to their data.

Do their friends know?

No, SociallyActive never posts to your child’s wall or interacts publically with them. The only people that know you’re monitoring their account are you and your child.

Is SociallyActive Safe?

We take privacy seriously and your personal data is always safe with SociallyActive. All data is transfered through an encrypted connection and hosted in our secured data center. No one at SociallyActive ever accesses your or your teen's personal information.

Does my child know they’re being monitored?

We encourage open communication with your child about the dangers of social networks and the benefits to having parental support in this area. However, we also leave this up to the discretion of each parent.

If you know your child’s login information to the social network you want to monitor then you can set-up the account yourself. However, if you do not have their credentials then SociallyActive will generate an email request to them and walk them through the process of granting our application permission to their accounts.

Do I need to know Social Media to use SociallyActive?

No. In fact, one of the big benefits to SociallyActive is that we make monitoring each of the social networks easy. Our simple dashboard makes it easy to see the important aspects of your child’s activities even if you aren’t familiar with all the social networks themselves.

With SociallyActive you gain immediate access to your child’s online activities, and it’s easy to get started.

There’s no complicated software to install or use…a few clicks and you’re done, and we’re here to help if you’ve any questions

We guide you through each step of the way to make you a more connected, socially responsible parent.

It only takes a few minutes to get going on this truly life-changing experience. Start today; there’s no risk and the benefit to you and your child is enormous.

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